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Below you can find more information about our organization

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and promote cultural interface, as well as educational, medical, economic and professional linkages by and for the mutual benefit of its members as well as communities in Malawi and the United States

Our Vision

Our vision is to simply make a difference in the lives of the needy.

Our Belief

We believe we can make a difference in any community around world that has been forgotten or neglected —one in which every individual can seize the opportunity to access a full range of high-quality, education, medical, economic services. This accessibility will enable communities to build brighter futures for themselves and their families. Our belief is that when we do this we strengthen the entire community, because the powerlessness of any member wounds the rest of the community.

Source of Funding

We use our funds to carry our charitable mission and achieve our objectives. We rely on our board members and donors who support our overall mission to help the less fortunate in various communities. Malawians in Texas honors the generosity of its donors by following a firm policy of full transparency in all of its operations. The organization routinely reports on how donations are used and makes its financial documents (e.g., tax returns, annual reports, and audits), fundraising practices, and compensation policies open to the public.