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Malawians in Texas members are all dedicated to assisting in solving the complex challenges facing Malawi. Our members realize that, as effective as they each are on their own, they can be even more powerful when they approach issues in Malawi as a group. Together our members, friends and partners on the ground in Malawi; we can assist those who need it the most. Whether they are collecting and distributing books to school children, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, or identifying and supporting; a passionate desire to help the people of Malawi solve critical problems and build a better future for their children and communities.


Silver Spring, August 5, 2016 - Malawians in Texas Organization (MITO) and Malawians in Washington (MWA), together with other organizations in the diaspora are speaking with one voice in support of the announcement to draft new dual citizenship legislation in Parliament by His Excellency Peter Mutharika on July 16, 2016. Pursuant to the Malawi Citizenship and Immigration act of 1966, the Malawian constitution does not presently accommodate for Malawian citizens and foreign nationals of Malawian descent above the age of 18 to hold dual citizenship. The proposed legislation aims at extending this right to all people of Malawian origin. The current legislation change is not only welcome news, but a step in the right direction by the Mutharika administration on behalf of Malawians everywhere. It is imperative that this great initiative moves forward, so that both Malawians at home and abroad can benefit from an ever expanding global society. Therefore, Malawian organizations are working together in support of this initiative. Pursuant to the agreement set forth by MWA and MITO, we are advocating that all people of Malawian descent support this cause. As such, we have delivered advocacy statement in support of this initiative that states our support of the initiative and calls on the backing of comprehensive Dual Citizenship laws from all Malawians to the Malawian government through their official representatives at the U.S. Embassy in Washington D.C. We have also delivered letters to Members of Parliament, NGOs and other stakeholders. We have contacted media houses in Malawi to request that our joint statement be printed and published on all Malawian media platforms in order to sensitize the general public about the issues surrounding Dual Citizenship. Having made the request for a redress of the citizenship laws in the past, the release of the statement is the most recent move by the Diaspora organizations in the U.S. to support the revision of Dual Citizenship legislation. Earlier advocacy activities have included hosting forums, making direct appeals to every Malawian President that followed the Hastings Banda administration, and the creation of an online platform in order to sensitize the public to the issues and debates surrounding dual citizenship on the web and on social media. MITO and MWA hope that Dual Citizenship will be treated as a matter of urgency and will continue to support the enactment of laws that are in the best interest of all Malawians.

Click here to read MITO's Dual Citizenship publication in the Malawi Nation Newspaper

Brief Infomarmation about MWA and MITO:

MWA is a registered non-profit organization in the Washington DC area that serves to unify Malawians in the U.S., assist Malawians in times of hardship, promote Malawian culture in the U.S., and advocate for issues of interest to Malawians. MITO is a community-based 501c3 not-for-profit organization that serves to provide educational, medical, and general support to the Malawian diaspora both domestically and abroad. More information about the Movement for Dual Citizenship for Malawi can be obtained at: www.dualcitizenshipmalawi.org, or by contacting MWA at: president@malawiwashington.org or MITO at: malawiansintexas@gmail.com

    Media Contacts:

  • Agnes Nkhata(MITO): malawiansintexas@gmail.com

  • Sitinga Kachipande(MWA): president@malawiwashington.org, Tel: 240-338-4479


Malawians in Texas Organization (MITO) denounces the killing of Albinos in Malawi. Albinism is an inherited condition present at birth, characterized by a lack of pigment that normally gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. The organization is shocked at the disturbing reports of albino killings in Malawi and other parts of Africa. MITO categorically condemns the barbaric killing of albinos in Malawi and is urging other organizations to speak up against the killing of innocent group of people with a loud voice. The organization is also urging the Malawian government to come up with a crisis plan to stop the killings of innocent men, women and children with albino condition. We believe the killings of albinos are a national crisis that requires swift intervention from the Malawian government and other organizations alike. The killings have stigmatized albino children attending school in some regions of Malawi. MITO believes education is the universal right for everyone and will bring awareness to facilitate the equal education for albino children that are deterred of going to school because of fear of the unknown. MITO will work tirelessly with other entities to bring awareness to STOP the killings, bring about equal access of education to albino children and supports the fair treatment of albinos in Malawi and the whole of Africa.

Collings, 4yrs old

Malawians in Texas Organization –former Chairwoman Mrs. Maurina McClean, was approached by Heart Gift Foundation -Houston Director, Mrs. Rachael Welch; in regards to a congenital heart defect (in 4 different areas of his heart) patient Collings Liasi. 12th Patient for Heart Gift Houston but, Collings is the 1st patent from Malawi. Out of 100 plus children like Collings, that still needs a correction of congenital heart defect. This small, but well-connected group immediately leaped into action. We helped welcome Collings mother Jeneti Gomba, Clinical Officer Aubrey Nsuza from Kabudula Village at the airport in Houston. The Malawians in Texas Organization was instrumental in supporting the host family, and we are proud to have hosted him, Jeneti and Aubrey in Houston.

Angel's Basketball team (Malawi)

Angels co-founder Immaculate Ngozi and MITO representative Washington Chimuzu confirmed the sponsorship via News media coverage of the collaboration. Through this sponsorship, we hope to strengthen the relationship between Malawians in Texas and their countrymen in Malawi. There are a lot of projects in Malawi educational wise, health and economy sectors where we will use the team to achieve the objectives.

Uniforms for school children

Mr. Chinsinsi Chidule whom was once a residence in Malawi Community in Houston, Liaison with MITO to donate funds from Malawians in Texas Organization by reaching out to a local primary school in Blantyre. MITO managed to donate to 6 uniforms to students whom had and could not afford school uniforms. Our next goal on the uniform donations is in northern area. Mr. Vincent Kumwenda is the Headmaster at Kaphuta Primary School that has reached out to us. There are 10 students really in need of school uniforms.



Flooding in Malawi has killed more than 176 people, displaced at least 200,000 others, left homes and schools submerged in water and roads washed away by the deluge in several districts.

Together we can make a difference ....